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Drone-deployable power line components for the modern grid

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Increase line capacity

We can't afford to operate our grid below capacity. Pitch's WireWarrior line sensor and associated software tool, enable utilities to push more energy through existing transmission lines (up to 40%) and meet regulatory compliance (FERC 881). 

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Prevent wildfires

Electricity infrastructure is responsible for igniting some of the most destructive wildfires in recent years. Combining localized weather and wind conditions, AI-enabled forecasts, and third-party wildfire data allows us to pinpoint wildfire risk, down to the individual span

Actionable Data

Our software tool fuses disparate data sources and performs post-processing to deliver actionable data for informed grid management.

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Protect our wildlife

Over 175M birds die each year when they collide with a power line that they did not see. Our FeatherFender bird diverter is designed to be the most effective bird diverter on the market and can prevent up to 90% of collisions.

Our components come installed, safely and efficiently

No need for helicopters or bucket trucks. Our hybrid-cyclorotor aerial platform is optimized to put a 5-20 lb payload in contact with a power line or guy wire.

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