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Leave the helicopters, cranes, and ropes behind.

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Our hybrid-cyclorotor aerial platform is optimized to put a 5-20lb payload in contact with a cable or tower

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Our Products Come Installed

Just tell us where to put them and we will come install them with Astria. We even offer an extended warranty to provide peace of mind indefinitely. We'll put the sensor data in a form to use internally or by third-party software providers

Your Products & Tools

Astria's interchangeable payload arm can swap in seconds. We can provide the power 
and signals to install your products or utilize your tools. Contact us to see if we can make your business fly. 

Bucket Trucks and Helicopters are Barriers

Helicopters and bucket trucks are expensive and dangerous. Drone installations enable low-cost sensor and bird diverter installations. Those sensors and products can make a big difference.


Increase Capacity & Reliability

2TW of renewable energy projects are backlogged due to transmission bottleneck

Implementing Dynamic Line Ratings can unlock 20% or more transmission capacity over 90% of the time.


Prevent Wildfires

Utility-ignited wildfires  killed 204 people, caused $25B of damage, and destroyed 4300 homes since 2019.

Pinpointed operational changes derived from fielded IoT sensors and software can reduce this risk.

Decrease Risk

Aerial line work consistently is one of the top ten most dangerous professions.

Drone installations can keep linemen focused on other critical tasks.


Protect Wildlife

57M birds per year die in the US when they collide with power lines they don't see.

FeatherFender Bird Diverters can eliminate 90% of those collisions.

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