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Leave the helicopters, cranes, and ropes behind.

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Our hybrid-cyclorotor aerial platform is optimized to put a 5-20lb payload in contact with a cable or tower

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Our Products Come Installed

Just tell us where to put them and we will come to install them with Astria. We even offer an extended warranty to provide peace of mind indefinitely. We'll put the sensor data in a form to use internally or by third-party software providers

Actionable NDI Data. 

Our active thermography sensor can see subsurface delamination, debonding, and other defects in composites and concrete. It can be used on Astria or by hand. Our post-processing software identifies the underlying problems.

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Your Products & Tools

Astria's interchangeable payload arm can swap in seconds. We can provide the power 
and signals to install your products or utilize your tools. Contact us to see if we can make your business fly. 

Sometimes it's safer (and a whole lot cheaper) to send a robot.

Infrastructure installations, maintenance, and inspections are among the most dangerous jobs in the United States.



614,000 US bridges must be inspected every 2 years.

Today inspectors climb ropes and use crack-cards to manually estimate the width of cracks.



417,000 US towers are inspected.

Today inspectors check bolt torque and electrical connections.


The US has 5.5 million miles of power lines (220,000 high voltage), supported by 180 million utility poles.

Today technicians use helicopters to install bird diverters and line sensors on live lines.



3,000 new wind turbines are added to the existing 60,000+ in the US inventory every year.

Today inspectors rappel down the blades and tap the blade to listen for subsurface delamination.

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