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Infrastructure Inspection

Find subsurface damage and make measurements


Detect subsurface delamination and defects in concrete, fiberglass, and more.

This sensor fits on the end of Astria's payload arm to identify subsurface material defects. After being flown close to a target, lamps heat up the surface, then a high-resolution thermal sensor takes a series of infrared images. Heat flows through defects differently than the rest of the material and can be identified with software post-processing of the images. This sensor is undergoing lab testing. 



Measure crack widths on an entire wall simultaneously.

This sensor fits on the end of Astria's payload arm. When positioned close to a wall, this crack width measurement sensor can identify and measure all of the cracks in the field of view. It beats rappelling down and using a crack card by a mile. 

This sensor is currently undergoing lab and field testing. Since the sensor integrates a AI-enabled camera, future software updates will allow other measurement and characterization tasks.



We've built (and continue to improve) post-processing software to provide actionable media, measurements, and data. This translates active thermography videos, and AI crack camera images into post-processed depictions of subsurface damage, quantitative measurements, and more. Want do see something specific? Reach out and we'll be eager to hear your suggestions.

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