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Prevent bird casualties without putting linemen at risk.

In the United States nearly 175 million birds a year die when they collide with power line cables they do not see. 

We are eager to collaborate with utilities to showcase the reliability and effectiveness of the FeatherFender. Please reach out to discuss partnership opportunities!


We heard you! Bird diverters need to be reliable in the worst weather. That's why we've used plastics rated for extreme temperature, UV, weather resistance, temperature, corona, and more. No swivels to break and no way to get it caught on the line. 

Learn more on our spec sheet and contact us for our product briefing

 Biologist Approved

Pitch Aeronautics designed our bird diverter following consultation with numerous leading bird collision and vision experts. Our diverters come with reflective or glow-in-the-dark tape with high-contrast patterns to maximize visibility in low-light conditions. It swings in the wind to create motion without needing to rotate.  

Installation can be Included

We offer drone installations for our bird diverters, so no need to send out a line crew or hire a helicopter. Just tell us where you want them.

Drone Installed - Fast

Our Astria payload arm can install 10 bird diverters in a single flight. The diverters lock securely to the arm during flight which eliminates lost diverters. 

Worry Less

With our optional extended warranty, we will replace failed diverters indefinitely. Learn more in an initial call with us.

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