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IoT Line Sensor

Weather, Ampacity, Line Health


Drone Deployable

Leave the Helicopters and Bucket Trucks Behind

This sensor can be deployed on Astria's Bird-Diverter Deployment arm. In fact, we sell our sensor with installation included! Contact us to become an initial demonstration partner.

Screenshot 2023-11-06 at 9.47.03 AM.png

Wireless Data Transmission

Cellular IoT network 

The IoT Sensor provides wireless data on line health and weather. This data can be used  to compute real-time and forecast future ampacity.  Our sensor provides:

1. Wind Speed & Direction
2. Air Temp/Pressure/Humidity
4. Line Angle
5. Line Current

Fast & Safe Installations

We have already demonstrated sensor installation with our Astria drone on energized conductors!

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