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IoT Line Sensor

Weather, Ampacity, Line Health

Drone Deployable

Leave the Helicopters and Bucket Trucks Behind

This sensor can be deployed on Astria's Bird-Diverter Deployment arm. In fact, we sell our sensor with installation included! Contact us to become an initial demonstration partner.

Screenshot 2023-11-06 at 9.47.03 AM.png

Wireless Data Transmission

Cellular and LoRaWAN (future) IoT network 

The IoT Sensor provides wireless data on line health and weather. This data can be used for computation of line ampacity and by software providers to predict future ampacity.  Our sensor provides:

1. Wind Speed & Direction
2. Air Temp/Pressure/Humidity

3. Line Temperature
4. Line Sag
5. Line Current

Fast & Safe Installations

We have already demonstrated sensor installation with our Astria drone on energized conductors!

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